The month of the quality of Martinique 3rd edition

In Martinique, for several years, various actions were implemented to promote the quality approach on our territory.

Indeed, since 1997, the ADEM led, with his partners, various operations aiming at first at popularizing the quality approach:
- Organization of the Prices Quality Martinique since 1997, - Lounge quality and the passport Quality in 2001, - the Meetings of the quality in 2002.

These operations drained a consequent public of companies which have for some of them chosen to make a commitment towards a formalized approach.

The month of the Quality it is over a period identified, to make a zoom on all the actions in implemented promotion of the quality on our territory, to to federate the concerned actors and to to mobilize them around communications actions and around diverse initiatives.

For every partner, Value his activities or actions and promote his body.

The month of the quality of Martinique 3rd edition : http://ademqualite.net/