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"T-Shirt MAOUT" Contest

TShirt Maout is a site offering designers achieve design printed on tshirts, and award-winning designers receive a percentage of sales they have made tshirts.

A contest was conducted in partnership with video gaming site in the DOMS: GAMEPLAYMAG.

This contest was designed to bring different designers compete on a creature that is the realization of the official mascot of the show "GamePlay ".

Our answer was for a movie’s tone shifted. Indeed, the "duel" was immediately raised with us the theme of spaghetti westerns, with the challenges of the eyes, etc. ...

So we staged 2 designers engaged in a duel in the far west of the graphics, the duel takes place, however, so cordial and good mood! Although a competition, it is essential that everyone enjoys!

In any case what we’ve tried to feel through this animation. declined in order to be projected in the cinema of Martinique "Madiana"