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SMS Sending

"Sous le Ground" qualifies its file at each SMS campaign

Fabrice Theodosius with his community organizing "Sous le Ground" musical events on a weekly basis. He needed to inform its customers of the place, and theme of each event.

He needed a quick solution to deploy, simple to take in hand, reliably and at lower costs.

He wanted to send her an sms with sender name, and all operators of Martinique.

The solution was quickly introduced to the interest for "Under The Ground", which made its shipments from the phone before. The comfort of the keyboard of his computer is already a prime asset. The possibility of delayed shipments, allows them to plan their shipments several days in advance, with confidence.

With detailed statistics, it could quickly clean her client file, deleting the phone numbers become obsolete.

Each year, he knows exactly who received the information.

Her clients quickly identify the message received by the sender’s name that appears: the message is not lost in anonymity, and reassures its customers on the validity of the information.
Return on investment:

The platform for sending sms has enabled "On The Ground" retain customers in its manifestations, by transmitting information quickly and easily, regardless of their operator.

The suggested retail statistics helps to qualify each sms.