Propulsion Boat Services FWI

We greet the launch of the web site of the signboard PBS specialized in the repair of helixes of boats and the other systems of propulsion :

It is necessary to see it to believe it, these men and women are capable of restoring life in the parts of propulsion of your boat, the "chair" in the "helix", by way of the "base" (for the experts), the most damaged they are. True magicians of the technique who sacrifice nothing to the passion which animates them, belong for your service in the North of Martinique, for Saint Pierre, historic cradle of the maritime commercial activity of our island.
Capable of intervening and of making deliver on the nearby islands of the Caribbean, true pros ’ in perspective. If you possess a boat, it is an address to be noted somewhere, because who knows, offshore, nothing is ever certain... Fortunately, the team of PBS is there.

Propulsion Boat Services FWI : http://www.pbsfwi.fr