Hamlet of the Sad of the Morne des Cadets

Uncle Léon from Fonds-Saint-Denis to Martinique, contacted us within the framework of his project of revision of his existing web site.

The contents did not correspond any more at the request of the Internet users and the prospects. After analysis, we turned to a more ergonomic, friendlier and bilingual design, opened to the foreign clientele.

The new dynamic architecture, benefits from an extranet of management, allowing the manager to update the column of news, to maintain a control multi-levels over the contents of the visitors’ book, and finally to send newsletters towards the Internet users who beforehand subscribed on the site. With a followed referencing, the traffic was multiplied by more than 3 within 4 months.

Hamlet of the Sad of the Morne des Cadets : http://www.tonton-leon.com