Game Flash: break Hazelnut

Madiana realized a marketing campaign via a game in flash.

This game tells the story of a young squirrel, Nuts, who, on the point to receive a hazelnut so desired, it is flown while she got ready to fall him in arms.

To find his hazelnut, he dashes in pursuit of the pterodactyl thief, perched on a board being of use to him as snowboard.

He thus has to avoid obstacle in his track race, because every impact he made lose a little its speed, and thus digs the distance separating him from its hazelnut.

Attention not to let this distance become too big, otherwise Nuts will lose the track of its hazelnut and will have more than the eyes to cry.

This game was spread in Martinique, Guadeloupe, and Guyana, and allows the best score realized in the week to gain 2 places of cinema.

The vectoriel drawing comes to strengthen the cartoon effect used in the animations.

The sound part when to her is also very cartoon, in particular with regard to sound effects (impacts, jaw which falls down, to gameover, etc.)
The influences are naturally The Age of Ice(Mirror,Ice cream), cartoons Warner Bros (BipBip and Will E. Coyote, for the connoisseurs), and the Moronic rabbits Tv Show (hey yes, but in this game you cannot make of sabotage).

Game  Flash: break Hazelnut : http://www.game.madiana.ws