Ekoclap 1ière - Festival of the cinema of environment

Ekoclap 1ère, organized by the service of the water ODE and his partners, is [the first edition(publishing) of the festival of the film of environment > http: // www.ekoclap.net/].

On the initiative of the ODE and his partners, Ekoclap is organized within the framework of the world days by the environment (in June 5th), of the Ocean (in June 8th) and of the Sea (from 8 till 14 June).

A campaign radio and broadcast relieves towards the web site containing all the information.

To make sensitive people with regard to the environment, a game flash was set up.

That this stages a sergeant of the protection of rivers, and that this has to catch all the garbage before they reach the ground and begin to pollute and to degrade the environment.

The landscape reacts at the level of pollution, to mark well the consequences of the pollution.

Ekoclap 1ière - Festival of the cinema of environment : http://www.ekoclap.net/