Caraïbéditions - Publishing house of Antilles-Guyane

Caraïbéditions is a new Publishing house of Antilles-Guyane.

She arose from the meeting of two passionate persons of the book and from the Comic strip in particular.

Through their distribution, they try, above all, to touch the antillo-guyanais readers, of origin or heart, based in French overseas departments, in mainland France or in rest of the world.

This is translated for example by the translation of one [album of Astérix in Creole, album which you can naturally buy here > http: // to www.caraibeditions.fr / spip.php? Article1] in [the online shop with secure payment > http: // www.andurance.fr/-Boutique-ecommerce-Ma rtinique-Guadeloupe-avec-payement-en-li gne-.html]

Caraïbéditions - Publishing house of Antilles-Guyane : http://www.caraibeditions.fr/