97 Urban Festival’s

"972 URBAN FESTIVAL’S" want to be more than simple music concerts; they are also communications tools the objective of which is to harmonize, to gather and to unite. In brief, a new cultural ideology.

Our population consists for the greater part of individuals from 25 to 50 years old (43 % - INSEE source), the musical influence of which is the one certainly of our soil, but also and especially that outcome of the United States and the Caribbean pond (himself, influencing the American production).

This " 972 URBAN FESTIVAL’S " are the first acts of a long series of gatherings with cultural character, linking Martinique to the other islands of the Caribbean, but also and especially to the international cultural industry.

Other challenge of Mr. W.P.S ., W.M.C. and the other partner associations through "972 URBAN FESTIVAL’S " is to spread an attitude widely accredited and reproduced by numerous public, illustrated by the slogan: " it is our city, it is our island;

97 Urban Festival’s : http://www.97urbanfestival.com/