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What is a newsletter ?

A tool that allows you to achieve your goals !

Customers are choosing to register for your newsletter, making this approach they show themselves to be kept informed of your news, your products, in summary of the life of your business and your website.

this voluntary process of the Internet allows you to :

- Backup and market share.
- Increase Your Sales
- Reduce your costs of exploration
- Customize the actual messages
- Develop a real knowledge score.

What can we do for your newsletters ?

We can accompany and support all stages of your newsletter

- Setting up the registration system : Customers coming to your site can register via a form included in your site.

Thus the collection of email addresses which you can send your newsletter

- Implementation of graphical template of the newsletter to your colors We design your newsletter in color and measure. Your newsletter is like no other.

- System configuration of transmission : The tool that we put in place for you to send your newsletters :

- Unlimited : you made all the newsletters that you want and as often as you wantto as many people as you want

- No technical knowledge : No need to be a webmaster ! Your items are so simple and ergonomic !

- Automatically update : The content of your newsletter is taken automatically from the content of your website.

Casestudies :

Familles & Patrimoine :

  • Inform users of its activity

  • Make known his business

  • Earn nouveux prospects
Solution newsletter

  • Newsletter short and clear

  • Design in accordance with the site

  • Writes the text content freely of its newsletter

Bien glacé

  • Retaining a community of users

  • Making a sponsor

  • Communicate events
Solutions newsletter

  • Sending to over 10 000 addresses

  • short newsletter , very focused on visual

  • integration of a non-aggressive advertising

Caribéenne d’équipement :

  • Establish a base of addresses linked to construction professionals
  • Be a source of information for professionals

  • Make known its magazine

  • Communicate about its new products
Solutions newsletter

  • newsletter being biased to content

  • Content automatically from site